There are few steps you can take to help minimise the downtime during an office repaint:

If having your office repainted overnight or over the weekend:

  • Have employees clear their desks entirely of all items. If furniture is required to be moved it will be a lot less difficult for painters (and less risk of breakage) if the tables are clear of personal items.
  • Move desks, bookshelves, printers away from walls. Clear passage to all walls will make the job much faster.
  • Remove anything hanging on walls; pictures, TV’s, whiteboards, removable signage etc.
  • Cover desks and computers with plastic sheeting. While our painters cover everything before commencing a job it can sometimes be better to be safe than sorry.
  • If all offices are to be painted ensure doors are left unlocked at the end of the day, else please provide the keys

Office painting is part of our commercial painting services